FTCE Multiple Choice Strategies That Maximize Your Test Score Faster!

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When it comes to multiple choices on the FTCE test, it might seem like a straightforward experience.

Look over the question.  Look over the answers.  Select the answer that seems the most appropriate, and then move on to the next question.  Rinse and repeat!

Add to the fact that you have a 20% chance of getting the right answer, and it might seem apparent that those multiple choice questions are the least of your worries.

Here's a word of warning: don't underestimate the FTCE test like this.  Not only do you have to worry about studying content knowledge, memorizing facts and figures, and brushing up on old skills that you haven't used since high school…

…But those multiple choice questions aren't as straightforward as they might appear to be!

FTCE Test Strategies that will Blow Your Mind

There's no denying it: the makers of the FTCE test love devising trick questions that suck the points right out of your test score.

And if you're not careful, you could fall prey to any number of traps that have been designed to suck as many points from you as possible.  However, with these FTCE multiple choice strategies by your side, you'll not only sidestep these traps…you'll skyrocket your pass rate to new heights!

Before you use these FTCE test multiple choice strategies, it's recommended that you try these top-notch techniques out on high-quality practice FTCE tests first.  That way, you'll walk into the exam room feeling cool, confident and ready to achieve your dream career.

Too Much FTCE Test Confidence Can be a Bad Thing!

Putting in plenty of preparation time for your FTCE test will certainly give you the "oomph" you need to pass your exam.  However, don't let it make you so overconfident that you steamroll through the multiple choice section.  FTCE examiners know that many test takers fall prey to this trap, which is why they've designed questions that take a little more thought and deduction.  Allot an equal amount of time for all multiple choice questions to ensure that you're not being tricked.

Don't Ignore FTCE Test Directions!

Sounds like an obvious piece of advice – but unfortunately, many test takers don't read the directions because they feel as though they know what to expect.  However, many multiple choice sections will look the same, but require different answers.  For example, one section will ask for synonyms, while the other asks for antonyms.  Don't make the mistake of losing valuable points because you skipped over those vital sentences!

Don't Look For Overlapping FTCE Patterns

Sure, it might cause a bit of panic to see that your answer sheet contains five or more "c" answers in a row.  Yet it's important not to look for overlapping patterns on your answer sheet.  Each question is isolated, and should be treated as such.  Just because you have a few "c" answers in a row, doesn't mean you should change a few for the sake of answer sheet balance.

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FTCE Multiple Choice Strategies That Maximize Your Test Score Faster!

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This article was published on 2011/01/08