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Life need choice too many things every choice seem yourself so helpless, but no matter when, we are awake face of your life and make the right choice to own more than is responsible, but for others' responsibility. Therefore, we must be cautious to make the right decision.

The person's lifetime have too much when we need to do to their own choice, in the crossroads in my life, or in some accidents happen when, in order to make oneself can correctly handle, every one of us must learn to choose, learn to make your own right choice, the poet Beethoven in life, Love and freedom which of the three resolutely chose freedom. For he knew that without freedom, life and love loses its meaning and value; When you can't have your cake and eat it in Mencius chose PAWS, more rare because PAWS. Mencius' living again and said, my desire also, Righteousness, and also my desire also, which cannot be born, and shebang take righteous one also '. Visible, a choice must choose more value, more meaningful things.

First of all, learn to choose before. We have to know what is more interesting, more valuable things. Generally speaking, this is relative, take life, Love and freedom speaking, life without love will never finish ornament, whole, so love relatively life price is higher, and free than imprison life and rigidity of love, so, compared with free love on the significant superficial. This is to choose yes' relativity '. A clear judgment, we can make oneself the right choice.

Secondly, in establishing relative concept, we should do after eat their own right choice, don't hesitate, don't indecision. Beethoven with 'cast' choice to show your attitude, while Mencius more as' shekels... Take... "Shows its own distinct positions, visible make a firm, don't walk the median line; such already delay the opportunity, and puzzled themselves. During World War II, the U.S. congress is whether to support the Anti-Japanese War and eventually can hardly decide, result contributed to the Japanese fascist arrogance, he ultimately swallowed catastrophes - the attack on Pearl Harbor. Many such examples all tell us, choose must learn to accumulate experience, when the machine should be broken choice, more needs certain experiences as guarantee, because a experience shallow men make choice is often shallow, not know only one is short-sighted, this will often bring about a series of underlying problems. Conversely, are more comprehensive, results of a perfect choice, a fool's highway?

In short, the road of life is a cross intersection interlaced and become, only in each intersection are made to his right choice, ability in their gorgeous life avenue out of a string firm footprints, can realize their own unique value to your life!
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This article was published on 2011/01/17