Unlocking the Door to Your Personal Prison

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Depression, anxiety, helplessness, hopelessness, anger, frustration, dependence, rejection, loneliness, and more. Everyone feels one or more of these feelings at one time or another.

You can't wish them away. These feelings can make you feel like you're in a prison or hell, and the door is locked tight. You can't even think of a way out. There are no windows and the door has been shut for so long, you don't even know if there's a key to it anymore. If there is, you sure don't remember where it is.

It is important to realize that the door to your personal prison locks and unlocks from the inside. You walked right in, and you can walk right out anytime you want. No one put you there but you. Sure circumstances happened, but it is how you believe those circumstances affect you that will determine whether or not you cross the threshold of that doorway into darkness.

Further, there are 3 components to walking in or out through the prison door.

1 - Freedom
2 - Choice
3 - Responsibility

We are free to choose to start looking for a way out.
We are free to choose to stop looking for a way out.
We are free to choose to try to make things different.
We are free to choose to give up and accept what we perceive as our "lot" in life.

Whatever we choose, it is our choice. We must be responsible for that choice.

It may not have been your choice that your loved one died.
It may not have been your choice that you lost your job/house/car.
It may not have been your choice that... you fill in the blank.

But it is your choice how you respond to that situation. And that my friend, is what you are responsible for. So you have the key to go in and you have the key to get out. Any time you wish.

This does not completely solve the problem, but it is the first gigantic step in moving toward feeling something different. It is a huge relief to know that life isn't just happening to you. That you can take your control back and make your life what you want it to be. You hold the keys at all times.

You may not control all circumstances in life, but you control you. You control how you react and how you respond.

Locking yourself in prison or a personal hell is purely a personal decision. You may walk in by mistake, but if you don't like how it feels, unlock the door and get out quick!

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Unlocking the Door to Your Personal Prison

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This article was published on 2010/03/28