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Many people when faced with adversity or negative circumstances often times believe that they are just unlucky, being punished, or some other fallacy.

Those beliefs are what make people's situations worse. It is their choice to suffer, it is their choice on how they are going to choose to deal with any given circumstance.

People do not like to hear these things, and why would they? Accountability is not always comfortable. However, no matter what the reality of any given circumstance is, it is always your choice on how you are going to view it.

There are only two choices in a situation, the victim, the negative aspect, or the survivor, the positive aspect. Even in the worst of situations any individual is given the freedom to choose which aspect he or she will use.

I have heard people say in response to this... "Well, what about acts of another against another of violence, how do those people make a choice?" The harsh but enlightening reality is that when it is all said and done those people can make a choice on how they are going to view the person that hurt them and the situation.

If individuals chose the negative view of another or of a situation then only that individual will suffer the consequences.

People need to really think about what hate and negative views do to another and then perhaps they would stop. For example if a person is hurt by another, does hating the person that hurt them doing any good? The reality is the person who hurt the individual probably does not care about what they think or they would not have hurt them in the first place.

If there are ill side effects of an occurrence or situation, they may come out subconsciously, but it is still the choice of the person experiencing these things on how they are going to deal with these ill effects, consciously.

There are two choices, hate that person and live with the constant negativity of hate in your life. Or acknowledge the occurrence as bad, but live in the now and realize all of the positive aspects of your life even if it is the simple fact that you are still alive.

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This article was published on 2010/04/01